Do you think you need a lot of room to grow watermelon?  Consider growing watermelon on a garden trellis.  Since watermelon is a vine crop it does well climbing a supporting trellis.  Using a sturdy wire fence next to your watermelon plants, the vines naturally begin to climb.  You may want to give it some direction and add a few ties to help keep the vines in place.

Growing a vertical garden takes advantage of small spaces.  A garden trellis attached to your raised bed garden or small container garden offers a chance to take advantage of growing more in small, tight spaces by growing vertically.

Watermelons can be huge.  Before attempting this method, you should check the watermelon seed variety.  While this method is perfect for the smaller, personal watermelons, I wouldn’t recommend it for any really large watermelons.

Personal Watermelons

Personal watermelons are miniature versions of the favorite summer fruit.  They usually only grow up to 5 pounds.

Characteristics of Personal Watermelons

  • Sweeter than other varieties
  • Thinner Rind – more to eat
  • Usually seedless, although you may find some small edible seeds
  • Red Flesh
  • Easy to store and fun to eat
  • Cirtrullus lanatus is the formal name

Growing Watermelon

I have found that growing watermelon vertically requires a strong garden trellis.  We use a wire stock panel and use posts in the ground to support it.  Pieces of chain link fencing or a small outside dog kennel made of chain link fence added to your container garden or raised bed garden works nicely.

Whether you use a raised bed garden or the actual ground as a base for your watermelon seeds or plants, we always loosen the soil and add a bit of compost before planting.

Even the little personal watermelons and other larger fruit and vegetable vine crops you want to grow vertically usually need support.  The weight of the fruit, a strong wind, a storm or just a weaken attachment could cause the watermelon to fall off, hit the ground and break open.  You don’t want that to happen.  Think about panty hose or a fishnet stocking to support the growing fruit just to play it safe.


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