Getting a head start on my garden this year, I planted two vegetable container gardens last night.

Rain is vital to any outdoor garden, but this Spring has been exceptionally wet.  Anxious to put some plants and seeds in the ground, I decided to start a few small container gardens which was a great way to satisfy my gardening urges.

The pots I used are 16″ X 16″ X 14″ tall.  Perfect for a Patio Tomato plant, some cucumbers, sweet pepper plants, an eggplant and a sprinkling of a few lettuce, Swiss chard and short-n-sweet carrots.

This is the first time I purchased pots, usually I tend to use containers I find around the garage or 5 gallon buckets.  You can use just about anything that will hold soil, plants and has drainage.  Spending most of my life on a large farm, I usually improvise with whatever is available.  This year I decided to spurge and buy some containers since I recently moved into a smaller home.

TIP: These pots did not have any drainage holes in them so I used a small drill and added a few holes to the bottom of each container.  Don’t try to make the holes in plastic containers with a hammer and nail.  It doesn’t work.  It usually ends up splitting or cracking the plastic bottoms.

After drilling the holes, I added some large pieces of gravel in the bottom to keep the soil from washing out the holes.  You could also use pieces of broken pottery or coffee filters.

The soil is a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and Miracle Grow Potting Soil.  You don’t want to use regular garden soil in container gardens.  It is usually too dense and may have bacteria in it.  Premixed potting soil is specially prepared for Container plants.

I added a piece of wire fence panels, cut to fit into the pots to give the little cucumber plants something to climb.

By having everything together, the whole process only took about 20 minutes.  It will be fun to watch and see how these plants do and to see if the seeds come up.

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