Planning the layout of your square foot garden in advance is a good idea to help keep you organized. Several things to consider while making your garden space layout are:

  • Plant Variety. Decide what you want kind of vegetable, herb or flower you want to plant in each square foot section.
  • Companion planting. Look at companion plant charts to see which plants compliment each other. You also want to make sure you don’t plant two types of plants next to each other that don’t do well in the same space.
  • Watering needs.  Some plants do better with less water than others.  Some require more water for optimum growth.
  • Harvest times. Learn how fast or slow different plant varieties grow and keep this in mind while you plot your square foot garden layout.
  • Plant Size. Know how large a plant will get when it is mature and space your plants accordingly.
  • Bush vs Climbing.Climbing vine type plants like cucumbers or peas should have access to a trellis to grow up for optimum use of your space.
  • Plant Spacing. Be aware of how far apart seeds or plants should be placed.  Square foot garden layouts make this easy to do.  For example if a plant should be 6 inches from another plant, you can have 4 plants within your square foot section.

I know…all this sounds like a lot to take in if this is your first attempt at square foot gardening, but like anything else it gets easier as you go.  This is why taking the time to plan your square foot garden layout is important to give you the best results.  Take the time to draw out your garden space on paper or on your computer.  Once you know what each plant requires, plot your garden layout.  You can use this information for next years garden plans.  You will be amazed at how much more you can grow in this type of small container garden.

If you are just getting started, work on one 4′ X 4′ section at a time.  Experiment with different plants and varieties to see what works best.  You may want to transform your raised bed gardens into square foot gardens.  Above all have fun with it.



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