Build your own small water garden oasis at your home quickly and easily. Technology has revolutionized and scaled down any previous difficulties you used to run into when attempting to install a simple backyard water garden.  Using preformed pond shells that come in a variety of different shapes and sizes makes it easy. Patti Moreno shows us an interesting and exciting idea of installing a mini water garden inside your raised bed garden frame. She makes it look very easy.

Preformed shells are usually made from a polyethylene rubber like material.  The best, most expensive and longest lasting are made from fiberglass.  The life time of the preformed shells is from 5 to 50 years.

Water Garden Location

  • Level ground
  • Near an electrical outlet for your circulating pump and any lighting you might want to add
  • Near an outdoor faucet to add water to your pond
  • Proper balance of sun light and shade.  More sunlight gives you a wider choice of water plants you can add
  • Avoid any large trees to avoid any falling leaves, needles or twigs)
  • Be sure you don’t place your raised bed and water garden over any existing underground pipes, cables, sewer lines or septic fields.

If you want to add some aquatic plants like the waterlily or any little fish, the optimum depth for your water garden would be 18-24″.   Since a water garden placed inside a raised bed garden will only be a small pond of 15 – 70 gallons or so, you will probably only add a few small Goldfish.

Be sure to check the size measurements of your preformed shell to make sure it will not only fit nicely inside your raised bed garden, but that there is room around the edge,  You will want to add patio stones or rocks around the lip edges of the shell.  You could also use a few overhanging plants to hide the shell edge from view.

Materials List for Your Water Garden

  • Preformed Shell
  • Water pump
  • Tubing
  • Edging stones
  • Soil
  • Water plants
  • Fish – if desired
  • pH Test Kit

Tools For Installing Your Water Garden

  • Shovel
  • Carpenters Level
  • 2″ X 4″ piece of lumber to help make sure the preformed shell is level
  • Pliers and other hand tools

Water Garden Pumps

While still water is beautiful, moving water adds much more ambiance to your water garden.  With the addition of a water pump you can make fountains or add a character like a frog or fish that sends the recirculated water back into the water garden.

Choose which water garden pump you purchase based on the volume of water in your water garden that you will want it to circulate.  The rule is to choose a pump that can more half the total volume of water in 1 hour.  For example, if you have 100 gallons, then the pump you need will move 50 gallons per hour.  When in doubt, buy the more powerful water garden pump.

Water Gardens are Relaxing

It is very relaxing listening to softly flowing water as it circulates throughout your garden pond system.  Even more relaxing is watching pretty fish swim around in your water garden.  If you have room for a 4′ X 8′ raised bed garden frame, then adding a small water garden is simple and easy.  What a great idea!  A contained water garden inside a raised bed garden container!



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