Concrete Blocks come in all shapes and sizes for enhancing your home landscape. You can make interesting designs and build raised bed gardens just using plain old cinder blocks.

But why not use some of the fancier concrete blocks? You can find all kinds of interesting concrete blocks that not only look beautiful, but with a little imagination you can create fantastic raised bed gardens with concrete blocks.

As seen in the photo, I discovered these red concrete landscape blocks at the local Lowe’s store.  They are inexpensive and easy to stack.  Most of the concrete blocks can be found for under $2.00 per block.  Watch for them to go on sale.  They have a lower lip in the back which holds them in place so there is no need for using any cement.  Each block is 12″ long and 4″ high.

Beautiful red potato plants grow in this raised garden bed.  The potatoes are planted just below the ground soil level and as the plants grow, more soil and some clean straw is added until the soil reaches the top block edge.  These potatoes were planted the first of April and are just starting to flower.

Red potatoes make the best potato salad.  When I get a taste for fresh new potatoes, I tend to dig down in the dirt and grab a few little potatoes for a dinner treat.  Then I cover the roots back up to let the plant continue making more potatoes.

Raised bed gardening with concrete blocks can be set up anywhere in your yard or around your house you want to put a container garden.  The gardens can be as large or as small as you want.  They look attractive and are fun to build.


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