Think you can’t have your own Greenhouse?  Do you think you need to live in the country and have a large piece of property?  Think again!  A nice little greenhouse does not have to be big and spacious.

When I used to picture a Greenhouse in my mind, it would be a large, glass or clear plastic structure.  These are also known as a Glasshouses.  Used for commercial growers and ideal for big plant growers, they have a wide range of styles and sizes.  Many small, simple gardeners may not be aware that they can have their very own mini version of a greenhouse.

Simple Mini Greenhouses

Simple mini greenhouses can actually be placed anywhere you have 4-6 square feet of space.  They can be placed on balconies, patios, backyards, and decks. Even though they are small, they provide the same benefits as a full size regular greenhouses.

Farmers have been using one type of miniature greenhouse for years.  They call them a cold frame. With the desire to grow your own food, the mini greenhouse has been gaining increased popularity.  Even apartment dwellers that have a window or balcony can have grow many different types of plants using a miniature or window greenhouse.  Anyone who has limited gardening spaces should look into a Miniature Greenhouse as an option.

Greenhouse Advantages

There are many advantages to having your own mini greenhouse.

  • It can be used to give your garden vegetables an early start
  • The perfect place to start your seedlings
  • Larger plants means earlier harvesting
  • Grow a variety of herbs and plants year round.
  • Fresh picked greens and veggies in the middle of winter
  • Protects plants from frost and cold weather
  • Plant protection from wind, pesty insects and wildlife
  • Maximize the sun
  • Control the plants environment
  • Easily incorporate hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic systems

Mini Window Greenhouse

Even apartment dwellers can enjoy the benefits of a Miniature Window Sill Greenhouse.  You can either make one or purchase a kit to transform your windows into an enjoyable little garden.

An advantage to growing plans inside protects them from storms or pests and you can control the temperature.  The biggest disadvantage is that some plants require high humidity, so you should select the types of plants you plan to put in your window sill greenhouse with that in mind as it will help you decide what type of mini greenhouse you will want to have.

Cold Frames and Hotbeds

A cold frame is usually built outside and is similar to a raised bed garden with a hinged glass top.  Wait!  Many people have been adding removable glass roofs to their existing raised bed gardens for an early start to the growing season.  A separate cold frame is easily built to start early seedlings outside, but offer the plants shelter and protection from the wind and frost.

A hotbed is a heated cold frame and is like a miniature greenhouse helps extends the growing season giving you a chance to give warm season vegetables a head start.

Location is important for both hotbeds and cold frames should have a southern exposure to be sure they are receiving the maximum amount of sunlight. Provide a windbreak on the north or northwestern side by placing the cold frame next to a building or protecting it with something like a bale of straw, manure or some mulch.

Good drainage is important. A convenient water supply should be available.  If you plan to add some heat like a heat lamp, you should place your cold frame near an outlet.

Small Greenhouses

Some Backyard Greenhouse designs require a small piece of land outdoors, while other designs fit neatly into most apartments, condos and townhouses.  Some are easy to build from materials around your house.  This can be as simple as “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Other miniature greenhouses can be purchased in a variety of types of inexpensive kits.

I hope you will explore the many types and kinds of Mini Greenhouses.  As I begin to discover this area of gardening, I am amazed at the many innovative ideas that you can incorporate into your gardening plans.