Compost, which is also known by serious gardeners as “Black Gold” is a must for a vibrant, healthy garden. Making your own compost bin is simple and easy. The hardest question you need to ask yourself is, “What kind of Compost Bin do I want?”

The Corral Compost Bin from the video above is a great idea.  While many compost bins are free, this bin will cost a few dollars to purchase the cinder blocks, untreated landscape timbers and concrete rods.  The 8′ X 8′ size is a bit large.

The best recommended size is around 4′ X 4′ and never less than 3′ X 3′ as an ideal size. If you cut the landscape timbers in half and you could have the perfect 2 bin system.  The smaller compost bin would be easier to turn and work. By regularly turning the compost, you can help speed up the decomposition process by redistributing the matter allowing more air to circulate.  By leaving one end open and just building 3 sides gives you the opportunity to work the compost pile.  One advantage to this compost bin design is the opening at the bottom.  Just shovel the finished compost from the bottom to use in your garden.

Tip: Covering your compost bin is always a good idea.  You don’t want the pile to dry out from high heat nor do you want it to be too wet.  It is important to keep your compost pile wet like a sponge, but not soggy.  I like to use an old cardboard box over the top to protect the compost.  As the cardboard box disintegrates it can be added to the compost pile and a fresh box can be placed on top.

In my previous life as a farm girl, we always raided the manure pile or feed lots to collect the rich black dirt that magically appeared over time to add to our gardens.   We never really gave much thought to making compost, but we knew where to find it and what to do with it.  Adding some compost or making a compost tea is an important ingredient to add to your container gardens.


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