Aerated Compost Tea is probably one of the most important secret weapons that you can have in your Gardener’s arsenal.  Why?

  • Aerated Compost Tea is easy and cheap to make.
  • Aerated Compost Tea doesn’t take very long to brew.  Usually 1-3 days will have it steeped and ready to dispense
  • Strain your finished compost tea to use it as a liquid fertilizer spray for your plants foliage
  • Use it in a watering can or just a cup to add to your house plants, garden vegetables, fruits, bushes
  • Add the left over Tea to your big outdoor compost pile to help speed up the decomposition
  • Aerated Compost Tea will give your plants a super rocket charged boost
  • Aerated Compost Tea gives your plants healthy accelerated growth

Use an Air Pump to Aerate Your Compost Tea

Why do you want to use an aquarium air pump to process your compost tea?  One word – Speed.  Aerating your tea while you are making it, helps speed up the decomposition.  Air is a vital component in good compost and compost tea.  Aeration provides oxygen which encourages good bacteria growth.

Materials You Need to Make Aerated Compost Tea

  • 5 gallon bucket or plastic tub
  • Aquarium Air Pump
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Air Stones – Optional
  • Water – clean and un-chlorinated.  Collected Rain Water is good.
  • Earthworm Castings
  • Liquid Seaweed
  • Molasses – 2-3 Tablespoons

There are many other items you can add for different types of plants. You can put the worm casting into a porous bag, similar to a tea bag that will sit in the bucket of water.  This is optional.

Aquarium Air Stones provide better distribution of smaller air bubbles which help the microbes work faster and better.

Simple Steps to Make Your Aerated Compost Tea

  1. Attach tubing between two air stones and the air pump
  2. Place the two air stones in the bottom of the bucket
  3. Add water and turn on the pump
  4. Add Worm Castings – loose or in your porous tea bag
  5. Add 2-3 Tablespoons of Molasses
  6. Add some liquid seaweed – if desired
  7. Brew Your Tea

Usually within a day, your tea will be finished and ready to use.  You may want to steep it longer, up to 3 days.  You will know when your tea is finished by the earthy smell and sometimes a light foam will appear on top.

Warm temperatures speeds up the process.  Cold temperatures slow down the process and it takes longer to finish brewing.

Feed and nourish your plants and watch them grow faster and produce an abundance of vegetables.  What are your waiting for?


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