Pattie Moreno shows her indoor aquaponics system set up.  This system can be set up in a garage or basement or anywhere in your home that you want.  It is a very simple, basic setup which will give you fresh vegetables throughout the winter months.

This set up consists of:

  • Metal shelving unit which can be purchased at any hardware store.
  • 55 gallon fish tank aquarium
  • 2 deep galvanized metal containers for her plants
  • Water pump
  • Clear Vinyl tubing
  • Quick Connect Valve to adjust the flow of the water
  • 3/4″ gravel
  • Perlite
  • Three fluorescent lighting fixtures hanging on adjustable chains
  • Timers for the pump and lights
  • Seeds or plants
  • Once the water environment is balance, in about a week or so, add your fish

Once the system is set up and balanced, you only need to feed your fish and then your fish feed your plants and your plants filter the water and send it back to the fish.  The perfect self-contained complete container garden.

You can sow your seeds directly into the perlite as Patti Moreno shows in this video or you can grow seedlings and plant them into your plant container.  Some people like to place the seedlings in little net pots which are plastic containers with openings all around the cup which allow the water and nutrients to circulate through the cup.  Perlite or clay pebbles are used inside the cup to help hold the plant in place.  The plants small root system grows down through the perlite or clay pebbles as the plant grows.

Sponge Rock, another name for Perlite is a light weight, white, organic mineral.  It is widely used for hydroponics and aeroponics systems.  It allows for better aeration and drainage while acting as an anchor for the root system.


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