It’s not rocket science!  Making your own compost pile can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.

Compost is the best type of soil addition for your garden that money can buy.  You can purchase packaged bags of organic compost from your local gardening store or nursery.  Use this method If you are in a small apartment, condo and only have a few plant containers.  With limited space, you may not want to mess with making your own compost.  Be aware that you can still make your own compost even living with limited space by using the vericomposting method.

Vericomposting uses small specialized containers and earthworms to decompose your kitchen vegetable and fruit peelings and scraps.  These units an be set up in the kitchen, garage or basement.  They are small, compact units that will breakdown your kitchen left overs and give you beautiful compost and tea to feed your plants.

Whether you use a simple 4′ X 4′ enclosed area or a store bought composter, there are 5 things to keep in mind.

  • Location – Decide where to set up your compost pile.  Close to the garden and house makes it convenient and handy to use.
  • Food – You will need to feed the soil bacteria microorganisms with a selection of Browns and Greens so they can do their work breaking down the matter.
    • One part brown includes straw, leaves, twigs, untreated cardboard, paper and other items.
    • Three part greens which include grass clippings, fruit and vegetable peelings, garden plant remains and other items.
  • Water
  • Air
  • TLC – Tender Loving Care. Once a week or so, take a pitchfork and mix it all up to help circulate the air and speed the decomposition.

Add these ingredients together and over time you will have created your own Black gold garden soil component.  You can speed up the decomposition of the matter by turning over the composition regularly.  Whether you work the compose pile or not, sooner or later you will have created the best organic compost material you could ever add to your garden.

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