Did you know that you can recycle your kitchen fruit and vegetable scraps using an indoor home worm compost bin? Easy to DIY and build from plastic tubs or purchase ready to use worm composting bins. This is a good way to recycle fruit and vegetable left overs as well as leaves and flowers that die off your house plants.  The beauty of this system is it can be used right in the home, garage or an apartment.  It produces compost and compost tea which can be added to your house plants and garden.

All you need to get started are some plastic bins, a drill, some newspaper, food and some worms.  Before you get started, don’t go outside and dig up worms to put in your composter.  You will need to purchase about 5 pounds of Red Wiggler worms.  While there are hundreds of different types of worms, the Red Wiggler is the best worm for your inside worm compost bin.  For some reason, the worms you bring in from outside, seem to want to go back outside and they won’t be happy in your composting bin.  The last thing you want are worms escaping and wandering throughout your house or dying from an unhappy environment.  The Red Wiggler seems to thrive in a compost bin environment.

Materials to Build Your Worm Compost Bin

  • 3 Plastic Tubs and 1 lid
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Newspaper
  • Food for your worms
  • Red Wiggler Worms
  • Water
  • An object to raise the two top tubs off the bottom tub an inch or two leaving room for the worm castings and compost tea to collect.

I like the 3 bin system shown in the video above as it collects the worm castings and compost tea in the lower bin.  Dilute the worm compost tea and feed it to your house plants or add it to your garden plants for a quick energy boost.  Compost tea is also good to treat ailing plants.

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