Vegetable Container GardenOn May 23, 2011 I wrote a post about growing container vegetables in two containers pictured on the left.

Due to wet weather here, we were unable to get into our large garden, so we planted some tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and a few other plants in some pots.

I thought it would be fun to show you how these little veggie planters were doing after 31 days of T.L.C.  The photo below was taken on June 24, 2011.

Indeterminate and Determinate Tomato Plants

Vegetable Container Gardens - 30 DaysThe large tomato plant is a Husky Cherry Red plant.   It is an indeterminate plant and should take 68 days to harvest from the time the baby plant is placed in the garden container.

The Indeterminate type of tomatoes are also called “vining” tomatoes.  An indeterminate plant usually needs to be staked and not the best container tomato plant.  They produce abundant foliage and tasty fruit.

The tomato plant is in the container on the right, overshadowing a pepper plant and the cucumber plant growing up the trellis.  This plant is only 31 days old and there are several small green tomatoes on it.

Tiny Tim Tomato Container Garden The tomato plant pictured on the left is an ideal Tomato container plant.  This container is smaller than the two pictured above.  The larger containers are 16″ X 16″ and the container on the left is 12″ X 12″.

This smaller plant is the called the Tiny Tim which is a determinate variety and it takes about 45 days to harvest.  The fruit 1 inch red cherry fruit.  Determinate varieties bear all their fruit over at once as opposed to producing fruit throughout the entire growing season.  They are easier to manage, as they general stop growing once they begin producing fruit.

The plant is a dwarf bush tomato and perfect for container gardeners.  Determinate tomatoes are a bush variety of tomato and they require minimum support.

This plant is less than 3 weeks old and it has a number of small green tomatoes on it.  Also in the container is a small eggplant and two basil plants.

How Fast Do Cucumbers Grow?

We picked our first cucumber today!  A nice 10″ long cucumber in just thirty-three days from  planting a small plant in the container garden.  The little tag that came with this plant shows a picture of the cucumber plant in a container and it says:

Cucumber Fanfare

“Delicious fruit, excellent sliced. Disease resistant,

compact and matures in 63 days”.

Vegetable Container Garden CucumbersI wonder if the little plant tag got mixed up at the nursery!

The above photo is a close up of the cucumbers which was taken 30 days after placing the baby plant in this container.  I picked this cucumber 3 days later (It was delicious!) and there are several more cukes almost ready to pick.



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