Surprise! You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to give your plants an early start using the greenhouse effect.   Here’s a great idea for that old fish aquarium you have taking up space in your garage.  It is amazing to see the increased growth rate of the lettuce started under the fish aquarium or reptile tank shown in the video above.  The raised garden beds also promote faster soil warmth which aids in the plants growth.  This is just one of the many advantages of having some sort of greenhouse for your plants and seedlings.

Greenhouse Advantage

  • Protects young plants and seedlings from adverse weather like hard rain downpours, frost, cold snaps or wind
  • Gives your plants a head start on the growing season
  • Start your seedlings
  • Extend your growing season by protecting your plants against the colder fall temperatures and harsher weather conditions
  • Grow plants year round
  • Control plant pests
  • Control humidity

Fish aquariums and reptile tanks are usually made from glass and are heavy enough that they should stay where you put them.  While this is a great idea, there are many containers you can find that are made from clear plastic or a poly material that would work well to use as a mini greenhouse.  These materials are much cheaper and absorb sufficient heat for your plants to do well.

There are many polyethylene containers which are lightweight and inexpensive and are easily found that can be used as mini greenhouses.

Fish Tank Greenhouse Disadvantage

One possible disadvantage that I see, is that there is no air circulation.  You should allow for some air circulation to give your plants a healthy growth environment.  Also, be attentive to your plants and make sure they have the proper amount of water as well as proper air circulation.  I have used clear plastic bins, buckets and contains to cover my plants at night to protect them from the weather.  Then I remove the covering for a few hours during the day. I think I will experiment with the fish aquarium mini greenhouse.


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