Look at which plants compliment other plants and which plants don’t want to be companion plants, when you design your garden or plan your containers. It’s fun to learn which plants offer certain environmental benefits to other plants.   Have a Companion Plant List handy when you plant your garden to make sure you don’t plant two plants together that don’t get along.

Benefits of Companion Planting

  • Make the Best Use of Your Gardening Area
  • Pest Control.
    • Grow sweet basil throughout your garden to help repel aphids, mites, mosquitoes and flies.
    • French Marigolds should be planted among your other vegetables as the roots emit a substance that repels nematodes around them.
    • Catnip helps keep flea beetles, aphids, Japanese beetles, squash bugs, ants and weevils away.
    • Coriander, Cilantro,and Chinese Parsley repels harmful insects such as aphids, spider mites and potato beetle.
  • Attract Pollinators by planting a mix of herbs and flowers together throughout your vegetable garden.  Flowers can help attract bees and butterflies to your garden to help pollinate your plants.

Companion planting  will provide color as well as perform valuable services to your garden.  When you design your garden, have fun discovering the benefits, likes and dislikes of all the different vegetables, flowers and herbs.  Keep your plants happy by giving them a healthy environment to flourish in.

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