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Making Aerated Compost Tea

Here’s the secret to growing an abundance of healthy plants. When you see how easy it is to make Aerated Compost Tea, you will be racing out to the store to pick up the ingredients and materials. You’ll want to add this Super Ingredient to your gardening arsenal right away.

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How To Make Compost

Making your own compost is not Rocket Science! An easy recipe for home composting creates a Gardener’s “Black Gold”. Make your own rich, dark organic garden soil to nourish your vegetable, herb and flower plants. Just mix a few ingredients and allow time for the micro-organisms to do their work.

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Making Compost Bins

Building a homemade Composting Bin from wood using untreated landscape timbers, cinder blocks and concrete rods is easy and attractive. This compost bin idea comes from playing with Lincoln logs and looks like the base of an old frontier fort.

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