Welcome to MiniContainerGardens.com.  My name is Mary Kay and you can usually find me either in front of my computer trying to figure out this Internet thing or outside playing in the garden.

Most of my life has been spent enjoying the outdoors on a farm.  We raised cattle and had chickens for fresh eggs.  We had a small herd of dairy goats that we milked daily, using the milk to make cheese and we had a large garden.  So big we used a small tractor to work it.   Circumstances and times change over the years and now we have a smaller place.  I don’t really miss the large garden, but I still love growing plants.

Never let a piece of land go to waste.  I was never big on expansive lawns.  They look pretty, take some work, but only produce grass and weeds with a few trees.  I’ve always liked being in control and knowing that I could be self-sufficient and not dependent on the convenience of grocery stores and the marketplace.  You don’t have to worry about any pesticides or preservatives being used on the food you grow.  You have control over it.  Nothing is more rewarding than growing your own food and having access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

I started using boards, old railroad ties and concrete blocks to form small garden plots and at first I didn’t realize I was creating “raised bed gardens”.   Winter and cold weather got me thinking about growing indoor gardens.  Small Window herb gardens led to a small hydroponics garden kit.  That did it!  I was hooked, especially after I tasted those sweet, juicy tomatoes and the crispy fresh lettuce leaves.

I hope that you will join me as I try to figure out this Internet thing and share with you new and exciting ways to grow your own food and plants using small spaces.  I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to grow plants.  I love to learn and try new methods.  As soon as I figure out how to use my new video camera, I’ll show you around and share my successes and failures with you.  Home gardening is making a come back and it is an excellent hobby for the whole family.  Kids love to grow things and learn a lot about plants and growing food.

Thanks for visiting and don’t be a stranger to my website.  I hope you will leave comments and share your gardening adventures with us as well.